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Our Story

Welcome to the rich tapestry of our history. Our story is one of resilience, passion, and a deep-seated commitment to crafting Tasmania's finest spirits.

The Birth of Section 44

Mr Andrew Patten, Mr Raj Charan Singh, and the Hon Stephen Parry
Discover the inspiring story behind the birth of Section 44 Distillery and the founders who brought their vision to life. The name Section 44 stems from an interpretation of the Australian Constitution that disqualified Senators and Members of Parliament from holding office if their father was born overseas. As a result, Stephen Parry, a Tasmanian-born Senator, lost his role in the Senate. This event brought together the three founders: Andrew Patten, Raj Charan Singh, and Stephen Parry, who decided to create a legacy in the spirits industry. United by their shared vision and commitment to quality, the trio embarked on a journey to craft exquisite Tasmanian spirits, building the foundation of Section 44 Distillery as we know it today.

Premium Whisky in Australia


Nestled amidst the ancient forestry and unspoilt landscapes of Tasmania, we tap into the region's natural bounty to create our premium spirits. Tasmania's cool climate, pure air, unpolluted water, and rich soil provide the perfect setting for distilling our exquisite Gin and Single Malt Whisky.

Premium Whisky in Tasmanian

Our Craft

At Section 44 Distillery, we are dedicated to crafting premium Tasmanian spirits. Our meticulous distillation process, using traditional methods and the finest ingredients, ensures the high quality of our spirits. Our products, including our popular Lemon Myrtle Gin, Masala Gin, and Single Malt Whisky, are a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Heart of Section 44 Distillery

Australian Whisky

Our process and people are the driving forces behind our premium spirits, from crafting our signature Gin and Whisky to maintaining our Tasmanian legacy.

Our Process: An Art Perfected Over Time

Our process is rooted in tradition, refined over time to produce spirits that are a testament to our commitment to quality.

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Selecting the Finest Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients available in Tasmania. This includes sourcing our barley locally and utilising the pristine water that flows through the region.

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Traditional Distillation

Our distillation process incorporates Portuguese Alembic Pot stills made of copper. These stills, combined with a slow burn method, deliver a clean, smooth, and elegant spirit. We use the same stills for both the wash run and the spirit run, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the process.

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Maturation and Bottling

Our Whisky is aged in French Oak and American Oak small casks to develop its unique flavour profile. Once matured, we carefully bottle our spirits to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Premium Gin in Tasmanian

Our People: A Team Driven by Passion

Our people are the foundation of Section 44 Distillery. Their passion, dedication, and expertise bring our spirits to life.

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Founders with Vision

Our founders, Andrew Patten, Raj Charan Singh, and Stephen Parry, came together to create a legacy in the spirits industry. Our shared vision, commitment to quality, and resilience have shaped Section 44 Distillery into what it is today.

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Skilled Craftsmen

Our team of skilled craftsmen is the backbone of our distillery. We bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the art of crafting our spirits. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the craft ensures the consistent quality of our Gin and Whisky.

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Our Legacy

Our story is not just about the spirits we create but the legacy we aim to build. We strive to continue crafting premium Tasmanian spirits for generations to come, staying true to our roots and the beautiful land we call home.